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tonight is the Supergirl and The Flash crossover!!!!!! Forget Batman and Superman cuz The Girl of Steel and The Fastest Man Alive are truly the World's Finest :D
This summer DC Nation on Cartoon Network with show the newest cartoon version of Batman, this one being a CGI version.  So Far A LOT of people are saying this will suck and will be cancelled after a couple of episodes and that they shouldn't be doing a Batman cartoon like this.  These are people who grew up watching the 90's version cartoon when Batman, myself included( how do you think I found out about Batman in the first place).  With different versions of Batman, it's hard to tell which ones are good or bad.
I loved all the Batman series on TV, whether they where showing the serious or campy side of The Dark Knight so seeing a new version of him just means even more action and detective work for me to enjoy.

Beware The Batman intially angered lots of fans when they found out that almost all the well known villians were NOT going to be in the upcoming cartoon, even The Joker isn't going to appear in it.  Sam Register, Glen Murakami, and Mitch Watson explained that the studio didn't want "another Joker story" so they decided to dig deeper into the villain library and brought out individuals that viewers of the cartoons have seldom or never heard of before.  I think it's a wonderful idea and definitely out of the box, because ANYBODY can make a Batman story with The Joker but if they make a Batman story with villains that were only shown the in the comics then it adds some depth to the series.  Here's what I know so far about the characters in the upcoming series:

Batman/Bruce Wayne: There are multiple sides to him. The Bruce Wayne side who does events and charities, is a big socialite, always has women around his arms, is a foolish party loving playboy and is basically the Richard Branson of Gotham City.  This is really just an act since Bruce actually drinks ginger ale instead of alcohol and is very involved with helping his community.  As Batman he's a COMPLETELY different person who's always trying to find the fewest steps from point A to point B not just in crime fighting, but in all aspects of his life.  He's on a liquid only diet, so he drinks ALL his food, is always training, and always getting ready for anything. Simply put, he's been getting ready to help Gotham ever since his parents died.  When he speaks, its almost robotic but it's straightfoward and concise.  He minimizes his amount of sleep and actually looks forward to fighting crime as it is his "release valve' and keeps him from going insane.  Only Alfred sees this side of him and is willing to help in everything he does.
Alfred: Alfred isn't just the butler anymore, he's a former MI-6 agent who knows how to shoot a guy as well as handle thugs with his bare hands.  This version of Alfred seems more thuggish in appearence since he has a bulkier body in this series.  He's shown to be duel wielding guns which angered fans because Batman doesn't use guns.  They're right in the fact that Batman doesn't use guns.  But Alfred isn't Batman so he's allowed to use guns.  He's also going to take a role of being out in the field with Batman as well as being the one who trained Bruce to be Batman instead of Bruce learning from ninjas and stuff around the world.  he will still act as a butler and give advice, but will go more into his past as the show goes on.
Katana: Katana is a member of the Outsiders, as well as being former CIA and a fomer League of Shadows member.  She once had a husband and two children back in Japan before she lost them.  She later came to the US and became a crime fighter.  Wielding the sword known as The Soultaker, this blade contains the sould of every person she has killed and can communicate with them, although only she can hear them.  Katana is Batman's new Robin in a way, she's helping him out with all of his cases and he's come to acept and appreciate her assistance.
James Gordon: James "Jim" Gordon is not a a police commissioner in this series, unlike in all the other series before Beware The Batman.  Instead he is a lietenant who doesn't completely trust Batman due to Batman operating outside the law, but it has been hinted that an event will force the two of them to work together and Gordon will slowly change his view on Batman.
Barbara Gordon: She is James Gordon's daughter and is a tech savvy teen in this series and admires the courage that Batman and Katana have for fighting crime in Gotham. She is not Batgirl in this series yet.
Bethanney Ravenclaw: It's unknown what role she will play in Beware The Batman, but she will no doubt get close to Bruce Wayne.

The Villains:
Anarky: He will be the main villain in the series acting as the Proffessor Moriarty to Batman's Sherlock Holmes. He is portrayed different then in the comics, with the comics showing him as an anti-government, anti-war, anti-hiearchy, and anti-corruption anarchist who wants to make the world a better place which puts him in the light of an antivillain. The cartoon will portray him as a man who wants to create chaos and change the world and that the only way you can be happy and successful in the world is with possessions, even if you must steal them from other people and destroy them in the process. The cartoon version is based of the Occupy and Anounymous movements.  The interesting thing about Anarky is that both version will show him with the same true identity: a young child named Lonnie Melchin.
Proffessor Pyg: He has been seriously downplayed for the cartoon due to his sick and utterly sadistic nature in the comics.  He is a scientist who will often be involved with plots revolved around drugs, medicines, and experiments.  His weapons of choice will be scalpels and bonesaws.
Mr. Toad: Like Pyg, he will be giving the same treatment due to his violent nature and will play the role of a mob boss and ecoterrorist. He will actually work along side Pyg as a partner. His weapons will be a sonic croak released from his mouth and a flamethrower cane.
Axel Alex: It's unknown what his role is, but chances are his role will be similar to what he did in the comics.
Metamorpho: An Outsider like Katana, Metamorpho will have the abilities to change his form, shape, and use his body as a weapon aswell as use different elements like fire, mud, or liquid due to his unique body's nature. It's unknown what kind of threat he will present as a criminal.
Magpie: Was made slightly less violent then her comic counterpart, Magpie is obssessed with anything that's shiny and has value.  She also becomes obssessed with Batman himself. Her costume change is modeled after Lady Gaga's suit in the song "Telephone."
King Kraken: It's unknown what his crimianl role will be, but I'm sure it will involve stealing from boats and ships made for shipping and trading goods, treasures, and valuables.
Ten Eyed Man: He has an eye on each of his finger, including his thumbs after the loss of his normal eyes. He's a war veteran so he has basic hand to hand combat skills although his hands are both his best strength and biggest weakness, but his types of crimes are unknown besides stealing things.
Humpty Dumpty: Humpty has been changed due to the contreversial nature of the fact that he has a very low IQ and is considered mentally retarded by medical standards, as well as his slightly gruesome version of taking things and people apart and trying to "fix" them.  His role in the cartoon now revolves around him "punishing people who hurt the weak and innocent."  In reality, this is just an excuse to terrorize Gotham with his oversized toys and games.
Raa's Al Ghul: pronounced "Raaayshhh Al Ghoul" he is an eco terrorist and has lived for hundreds of years. He commands the League of Shadows and wants to make the world a peaceful place by ANY methods, even if he must commit mass genocides to do it.

This is all I know for now about Beware The Batman, I personally can't wait for it's premiere :3

If you have any questions then feel free to ask and I will try to answer.....that's if I know the answer to the question.
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